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Subscribers FAQ

1) What is exactly a topic collection ?

A topic collection is a curated feed of content for the topic based on a specific filter. For eg. a Newyork Topic collection will show content related to Newyork for the Topic.

2) Why it is free ? What's the catch ?

We believe basic opportunities should be accessible to every individual & hence it is free. We charge brands to ethically reach the audience with relevant content.

3) What do we get in Free Subscription for individuals ?

In the free subscription, you get curated content for your favourite opensource topics via newsletter & webapp by subscribing to unlimited free topics collections.

4) How are you different from other newsletters/websites ?

Unlike other newsletters/websites, we help you to avoid all the noise which are irrelevant to you. You can follow 1 or more topics for specific collections you care.

5) How do you personalise information ?

We do not track you secretly to know your personal preferences like other social media sites. We ask you upfront about your preferences & provide personalised information.

6) What do we get in premium topics collections ?

These are custom made topics collections for teams / individuals with specific content based on their needs (like jobs, projects, deals, funding requests, vendor requests).